Presto Unisex FlexRight Underwear Premier – X-Large (56 Case)


  • MoistureLock dual core increases the core’s ability to absorb and lock fluid away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Advance Odor Secure technology reduces the amount of ammonia formed in the absorbent core preventing odors before they begin.
  • Presto core is more thin and discreet than ever before, providing a more comfortable, dignified fit for our friends.
  • Leak Secure barriers provide the ultimate double barrier leakage protection.
  • FlexRight underwear fits your body like real underwear.  The stretchable fabric waist offers a secure fit whether sitting, standing or laying down.
  • 4 Bags of 14, 56 Case.

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Presto FlexRight Protective Underwear sets the new standard for disposable absorbent underwear. It features a balanced core that has outstanding absorbency qualities that promote both skin dryness and odor control. The comfort-stretch waist has elastics all the way around the underwear to provide a comfortable custom fit for the waist and belly. The premium acquisition distribution layer quickly and efficiently draws moisture away from the skin promoting healthier skin. The inner standing leak guards and outer leg gatherers offer maximum leakage protection and comfort around the legs.

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