Vinyl Examination Gloves – Small (1000ct)


  • Best for routine medical tasks not involving bodily fluids or blood borne pathogens.
  • Latex-Free protects professionals from Type I (latex) allergies.
  • Powder-Free gloves leave no residue, reducing the risk of contamination, skin allergies, irritation and dryness.
  • Economical defense from viruses, harmful micro-organisms, some chemicals and other harmful substances.
  • Smooth surface, no texturizing, ensures excellent tactile sensitivity.
  • 10 pack of 100/ 1000ct
  • Small.


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Vinyl Medical Grade Examination Gloves are the ideal economical solution for users requiring medical protection. As the prime choice for veterinary, hospice and healthcare professionals worldwide, PSG Skintx Gloves are proven to be an effective barrier against biological pathogens. Latex-Free protein content aids in protecting you from Type I (latex) allergies. Its powder-free finish alleviates annoying skin irritations and dryness, while reducing the risk of contamination.

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